Cage Dancing. Anna Dello Russo On The Edge Of Glory

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I had a feeling I’d find something spectacular on Anna dello Russo today! And with that in mind, I set cap to her blog, trying to see what was going to knock me off of my feet this time! And, what do you know, I found Anna engaged in a very interesting session of cage dancing!

Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing! I love music and you won’t have to look further than yesterday to see just what I mean (Raquel and Karen were ah-mazing for Lanvin!). However, when it comes to Anna dello Russo and her dancing, it’s an entirely different story! I sincerely applaud her for the courage of putting herself out there and for wearing such ostentatiously uncomfortable outfits (for dancing, of course)!


#1 mdinah on 08.31.11 at 9:38 am

video is not available in Germany.
any idea on where else i can watch it??

#2 kpriss on 08.31.11 at 12:09 pm! It’s not available in Germany? (sad, sad face!) it would appear that there’s no other video except this one. I wish you could see it, though. It’s scary. I think!

#3 ajginger on 09.01.11 at 6:12 am

What was this video about and for what reason? Don’t get the appeal? Scary? It is silly…

Strange; not available in Germany but it does in the Netherlands?

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