Buy H&M Online. Sort Of.

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When you hear that H & M opens the online retail business, what do you do? You go over to your faithful computer, open your browser of choice and hasty tap hm dot com. And then you just wait for the magic to unveil itself before your eyes.

Unless… H & M wants it different. And before they’ll actually open the online retail (at least when US customers are concerned), they will use an intermediate: Elle dot com. I’m really unfamiliar with the elle shops system, so if you guys have any ideas how it’s supposed to work (and why!), let me know! (below the H&M looks as styled by Elle which will be available for purchase starting.. um.. today?)

H and M via Elle dot com


#1 mdinah on 08.31.11 at 8:07 am

hopefully with the money made HM will improve the laboral conditions for their workers in 3rd world countries and won’t allow things like hundreds of workers colapsing in their factory in Cambodja, to happen again.

#2 ajginger on 08.31.11 at 9:01 am

I am afraid nothing will change mdinah. But it won’t be long this part of the world is going to do the work Chinese workers won’t do anymore……

#3 mdinah on 08.31.11 at 9:26 am

I am all for boycotting HM.
matter of fact I only bought ONE polo shirt there and will never do again.After ONE wash the shirt was trashed. my “expensive” stuff lasts 10-12 years.

i say “expensive” because it turns to be investment pieces.

#4 ajginger on 08.31.11 at 9:47 am

I never ever go their anymore. For a lot of reasons. Once I did though. I still own one bomber jacket (end ’90’s) that did cost only FL.50,– (!!!) and it’s still in good shape. I wore it last winter since it’s warm; has a lot of pockets including one inside for my wallet, a pocket on the sleeve for my keys: perfect for grocery shopping in winter!!

Besides H&M abuse people their stuff is trashy, it don’t fit at all due to sizes XS, S, M, L, XL or XXL….nah, I am done with H&M. Except that jacket!
And their ad-campaigns look always so much better than the real deal.

#5 mdinah on 08.31.11 at 10:05 am

besides, I am with one foot in my 40ies. like Grace Coddington said:”after 40 you can’t allow yourself going around looking cheap.”

#6 ajginger on 08.31.11 at 10:24 am

Grace Coddington can’t do no wrong: I agree again. :)

(And thanks for the fun pre-dinner conversation; I have enjoyed it a lot :) )

#7 kpriss on 08.31.11 at 12:06 pm

Grace said it best!

I thought I was the only one who was under the impression that the H&M ads are.. deceiving? (I felt the same with the GAP, though)

I do own a few H&M things and they didn’t disappoint me. Not that I was taking them for YSL, but still – a love a certain stripey H&M shirt, one of my favorite shirts ever, much like you, ajginger, I too treasure one item from H&M ;)

#8 keiKo on 08.31.11 at 12:39 pm

The first time I ever went to Europe I was dying to buy H&M – rushed there & was shocked at how ‘low rent’ it was! I think it was the first time I realised that advertising was a dream!

#9 mdinah on 08.31.11 at 1:47 pm

For women its much know, i see my girlfriends looking like one million bucks kind of girls and much of their garments are from Zara or Hm. The key is acessorizing it well.
Yes kpriss, Gap is deceiving. the quality of the materials is so low for the last 5 or 6 years. The company is suffering severe loses due to that.

#10 ajginger on 08.31.11 at 3:33 pm

Right! My footwear, bags and sunglasses have to be right. Plus a few great, quality basic pieces. I spend the most on garments like that.

I remember the first H&M in Amsterdam before they had shops all over the country. The quality was much better. But with the years when the business and trends became bigger their quality of their garments decreased. That’s my take on it.

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