Karl Lagerfeld Macy’s Collection

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Karl Lagerfeld is preaching his fashion wisdom to the masses through a new fast fashion collection: Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s. It’s not his first encounter with the affordable sartorial racks and it won’t be his last (he’s reportedly signed in for a Holiday collection alongside three other designers, again, at Macy’s).

It’s a limited collection both in number and time as the 45 Lagerfeld Macy’s designs will be available at the end of August for six to eight weeks. If everything goes smooth, Macy’s will stretch the Lagerfeld exposure time. Prices, you ask? From $50 to $170. This dress below is $109 and it was already featured in this month’s Vogue! So I don’t know about you, but I’ll surely be checking out the collection as soon as it arrives!

Karl Lagerfeld Macy s Collection Dress

Dress from Karl Lagerfeld collection for Macy s

Karl Lagerfeld Macy s collection

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