Lanvin Resort Summer 2012 Collection. Lanvin Children Collection

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Though I promise I’m not looking for news about, related or revolving around children, I keep finding kids goodies! Lanvin just presented their Summer 2012 Resort Collection (for women) and with it, came a lil’ surprise: Lanvin for the little ones!

Funny and cute, the collection looks adorable and I’m sure we’ll be seeing it around Suri Cruise (and the likes of Suri, only deprived of paparazzi). It reminded me so much of Victoria Beckham’s out of the box campaign for Marc Jacobs! Am I the only one? Now I’m having a serious case of couture flu – the sewing bug is itching me big time, I have to go put something together for my wee daughter! All the frills and thrills of this four figured Lanvin collection for kids had me mesmerized! (photos via)

Lanvin Summer Resort 2012 white

Lanvin Resort 2012

Lanvin children collection resort 2012

Lanvin Summer Resort 2012 beige

Lanvin Spring Summer Resort 2012 collection kids

Lanvin Resort kids

Lanvin Resort 2012 children

Lanvin children collection balloons


#1 Fel on 06.15.11 at 11:24 am

Wow! These are very stunning! I’m absolutely impressed :)

#2 mdinah on 06.15.11 at 11:39 am

Oh lord,Kpriss I KNEW you would post it and it looks as the perfect opportunity I was waiting to tell , because I am SOO happy and excited, I really NEED to tell everybody:
Last year I started the process of adoption of 2 little beauties, one chinese girl and one african girl, 5 and 3 years old actually.Last week I received the green light :-))))))
All my straight friends always ask me why I want to adopt girls and not boys…
and my answer is always the same:
I can’t buy beautifull dresses for boys!!! Sounds silly , I know, and its not the true reason, of course.
But look at the adorableness of this collection !
I want my little girls dressed in Lanvin!!
By the way, I bought already one little dress from the 1rst Oscar de la Renta for kids,BEFORE even starting the adoption process… Silly , I KNOW…
By the way(2): Anjelina had no influence on me…

#3 Ellington on 06.15.11 at 12:56 pm

Oh!!! mdinah you are going to be a wonderful DAD!!! Congratulations!
I am so very happy for you and proud of you to do this and give these two lovely girls a home!
I do not know you personally but I have to say for doing this you have my heart! LOVE to you and the newest members of your family!!”:)
And they will be the best dressed little girls in town, with a very proud Papa! : ) <3 xo

Love and God's blessings to you all now and always! : )

as an afterthought this collection of Lavin's is stellar! : )

#4 mdinah on 06.15.11 at 1:53 pm

Ellington, thanks so much!!! I am unable to translate my feelings into words.
It is a long process and it will take around 2 years to have them with me.
I decided it 9 years ago(!), after watching a special reportage in BBC about chinese orphan girls.And now its the right time in my life to do it .
I want to name them Theodora( the chinese) and Allegra . But I also love Fionna, Constance and Filipa.
We are going to live in Spain.
Man, I am walking on clouds!

#5 Ellington on 06.15.11 at 2:02 pm

I am so very happy for you! :)
Blessings and joy to you and yours!
: )

#6 kpriss on 06.15.11 at 2:10 pm

wow! and then wowsomemore! Congrats! We’re so happy for you! Both me and my Husband were reading your comments and wish you only the best! Like Ellington said, you’re blessed and so are all your loved ones!

Ah – sigh – little girls: I’ll just say this: you know what our daughter says about girls wearing dresses / skirts? That they’re princesses! She doesn’t say “look at that girl in that red dress” but “look at that princess in that red dress”! The truth in the children’s mouth ;) There’s nothing like little girls around the house! The way they put their lil’ arms around your neck and hug and squeeze you? I only wish you the best and even though it may seem like an eternity right now, time really flies! And two years go by like a second! Imagine all the fashion seasons and all those beautiful, beautiful dresses for princesses ;) !

Theodora is such a beautiful name! But so is Allegra and Fionna and Constance and Filipa! Choosing just two is so unfair! :X

#7 Ellington on 06.15.11 at 2:37 pm

Yes but they can have a first name and a second name! Even a third that reflects their different heritages! All of the names you are thinking of have class, beauty and strength! You are going to have so much to look forward to and I am so looking forward to the day that I wish you a very Happy Father’s day on the 3rd Sunday in June! : ) xo

#8 ajginger on 06.16.11 at 7:00 am

Congrats to the new daddy to be mdinah! Have you yet regularly contact with the little girls? Awesome, awesome!!! OMG, how I dreamed as a little girl to get adopted and treated like a little princess you have planned. :”> :)
I have some questions if you don’t mind and no, it is not why you chose girls! That is all up to you on my account. And no, I don’t think you are influenced by Angelina at all!! Hahaha, no, no!

Are you going to be a single dad or are there two daddy’s? Not that have any prejudice against a single dad at all. I only care for a good parent or parents, that’s all.
Is that one year included in the two years process or have you going to wait for two years more then? I hope not! I hope so it is one year to go?

Damn, I am almost emotional reading this all. Here in the Netherlands, as you might know, it is common and accepted gay people adopt children and all I see are happy families with kids that are really wanted.

Lovely names; you can give them always more names. I have two names. I wish the Mdinah Family happiness and joy to come. Warm hugs from me here. :* :* :*

#9 l. cathy on 06.16.11 at 8:23 am

@ mdinah; i don’t know you, but reading your comment made me cry almost.. reading it i could fell happiness in your words.. congratulations!!
@ lavin… really nice dresses and the children collection.. even better!

#10 mdinah on 06.18.11 at 6:12 am

For all of you: Thanks so much for your nice words.
Ellington, Kpriss(& husband), Cathy,Ginger… I feel blessed indeed.
It really is a special moment in my life.
Ellington: you read my mind. they will have 3 names: 1rst name an european one,2nd name from their country and my surname.
Kpriss: oh yes, they will be my little princesses. But not spoiled ones!! hopefully time will make me find a balance.
Any suggestion on books/ blogs/magazines about parenting??
Ginger: I choose girls because of the injustices towards women in their countries. I’ve never been in China but what I saw in Africa was shocking.
My universe is made by women: 85% of my pacients are women, my colleagues are women, my best friends are women ,so the girls will be a natural extension of that.
I will be a single parent(with help from Mom/sister/nannies) and the process will take around 18-24 months from now to be completed.I do keep regular contact with the African girl, but I never met the chinese beautie and there is a possibility that somebody else adopt her before me:-( but I really dont mind. I will welcome whoever I am allowed to , altought I must go to China at some point to meet her.
Before the process is completed I will be allowed to bring the girls to spend short stays in Europe.
A very happy week end for you all!!!

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