Gareth Pugh For Melissa

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Remember Melissa? Did you know there was a special collaboration between Melissa and Gareth Pugh available? The avant-garde shoes will make a great addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe.

For Gareth is truly an heir to the throne of weird fashion and noir style. He is one of the visionaries of English couture. Now you can own a piece of his creativity through a pair of simple, comfy, plastic shoes! There’s a video right after the jump put together by Melissa to showcase the special collaboration. Would you say that plastic and Gareth Pugh go together well?

Melissa by Gareth Pugh


#1 Ellington on 06.16.11 at 5:26 pm

They are funky and sometimes a little bit of that is needed to spark up your outfit, so I say yes to your question Kpriss! :)
I just hope that the shoes do not make one’s feet sweat too much! :P

#2 sarah pearlman on 10.10.11 at 7:01 pm

the shoes are great and there’s another style out now , pure fashion architecture

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