Karl Lagerfeld Publishing Nietzsche, Designs S.T. Dupont Pen

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Oh, Karl Lagerfeld and another book related news! I’m getting used to this, more than I’m getting used to seeing his other fashrelated works (actually, his latest ads with Magnum were a major disappointment). The word got out that he will be publishing the complete writings of Nietzsche, the 19th century German philosopher.

However, the complete works, handwritten in original will only be published in German (for now, at least) as Karl admitted it would take five to seven years to translate. However, in the mean time, you can check out T. S. Dupont for a Lagerfeld pen. Though yet undisclosed, the design of Lagerfeld’s new pen will most definitely highlight his black & white obsessions.

Which one of der Kaiser’s latest achievements would you rather have? The Nietzsche book or the Dupont pen? Below, with no (apparent) liaison with the above mentioned news is a photo of a young and smiling wide Karl Lagerfeld. Something we don’t get to see very often and so there you go, enjoy it, he looks so merrily (those were the days when he used to drink non diet Coke –wink) (via; photo via)

Young Karl Lagerfeld showing some skin

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