Karl Lagerfeld, Rachel Bilson, Magnum Ice Cream And Baptiste Giabiconi

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Karl Lagerfeld and Ice Cream. We’ve seen what happens when Karl meets something chocolate – sweet: something really, really bad. A chocolate true size Baptiste Giabiconi. That… can’t be good. Can it?

Karl Lagerfeld’s work with Magnum Ice Cream has been materialized in three video commercials (well, technically four, if we’re to count the Magnum United States ad). His work with Rachel Bilson (and biensur, Baptiste) would have, could have been so good. Instead we only got this (below and after the jump you’ll find three of the four videos, the fourth haven’t been released yet, but we get the general idea, no need to hold our breath any longer).

I’m unable to tell if it’s Lagerfeld, Baptiste, Rachel Bilson or Magnum – which one should be held responsible for having created such lame advertising. I understand der Kaiser it’s only at his debut in cinematography / video advertorial work. Shouldn’t he be advised to stop already?


#1 mdinah on 05.11.11 at 5:08 am

if i see Baptiste “waswrongwizzdiúman”Giabiconi once more I will vomit.

#2 kpriss on 05.11.11 at 5:18 am

(yeah, why didn’t they use Baptiste’s single for the ad’s soundtrack?)

#3 ajginger on 05.11.11 at 6:15 am

LOLs! Hahahahah……….and another thing, why does the chocolate when I eat a Magnum always break off? And I eat the smaller ones….

#4 kpriss on 05.11.11 at 6:33 am

hmm.. some would say they provided the Kaiser with a better quality ice cream for the ads? (seriously – I think you have to leave it breathe out of the freezer for 4 – 5 minutes and then eat it. I think it’ll soften the chocolate)

#5 ajginger on 05.11.11 at 7:15 am

But I do that! Well, here we go then: I’m incapable to eat a Magnum in a sexy way lol! I eat it like a toddler hahahahah……I prefer real Italiano gelato better. Got myself some nice flavours, secret recipe yesterday. Only place in town where the impatience Dutch stand quietly in a orderly queue because we know what we get there…..so yummy…..

Are people aware that one big Magnum is like 250gr real butter? Like a package here in the Netherlands? Use the currency converter! :D

#6 kpriss on 05.11.11 at 7:18 am

wow! That’s A LOT of butter! And other ice cream bars aren’t as stuffed on (bad, I imagine) calories as that? hmmm

#7 ajginger on 05.11.11 at 7:28 am

You didn’t know that? Oh well it’s not a problem for us Kpriss :D
So I don’t get it der Karl promoting this? Eating a package of butter? Oops…..;)

#8 kpriss on 05.11.11 at 7:33 am

no, I actually had no idea! I’m not a big fan of ice cream thingies (my Adored Husband, on the other hand, loves ice cream!) . Der Kaiser is not eating anything with sugar. Oh wait! Maybe that’s why his ads are so c*appy! because he doesn’t enjoy Magnum either way! haha

#9 ajginger on 05.11.11 at 7:49 am

Right! As he hasn’t money enough yet and probably thinks he lives forever to spend it all?
The Magnum story is really old. A trustworthy Dutch consumer organisation has researched Magnum ingredients to warn people with weight issues since obesity has become a problem here as well.. Even slim me find a huge one too much. It makes me feel so stuffed.

#10 kpriss on 05.11.11 at 8:08 am

So is there an ice cream we can trust without being buttery and bad for our health?

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