Chloe Sevigny And Pauly D?

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Those of you who are not really familiar with the stars of the photo – Chloe Sevigny is the world renowned self appointed fashionista. Pauly D is one of the protagonists of MTV’s scandalous, dubious Jersey Shore reality series.

Suffice to say the two of them were recently seen together side by side, enjoying a basketball game. The world of fashion trembles at the thought of the fashprincess coupling up with Pauly. All I have to say is that Chloe Sevigny’s fashion views make a lot more sense to me now! (photos via)

Chloe Sevigny Pauly D

Chloe Sevigny Pauly D together


#1 ajgingerbelle on 01.10.11 at 10:31 am

Oh well the line between fashion, celebratism and reality has become so thin that I hardly notice the difference anymore.

#2 keiko on 01.10.11 at 10:42 pm

If he “naturalized” his look (decrease muscle, tan, hair & style) he would be okay because his personality is cute – IMO! (And I detest celebrities as a rule)

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