Being A Designer: Rick Owens

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Not long ago I wondered how on earth Karl Lagerfeld managed to do all the things he does: designing collections for multiple labels, taking pictures for various occasions (fashion magazines, ad campaigns), reading, socializing (maybe?), talking a walk (more of a show off, actually).

Today I came across a series of interviews conducted by Diane Pernet (you may remember her from ASVOF) with various designers. I’ll include Rick Owens’ confession about designing below (because his interview was the one that lead me to the other interviews) and hopefully, if you’ll have a positive reaction to this, we’ll include more in the future. It’s up to you! (via)

People say “how can you do so many collections?” and stuff, it’s not that hard, I just don’t do anything else. I don’t socialize, really, I don’t go to parties, I don’t do anything, I just work, but that’s my favorite thing, so in the end that’s fine.

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