Kate Moss McQueen Tribute Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2011

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Another day, another Kate Moss cover! No, seriously, this time it’s big! Harper’s Bazaar UK has Kate Moss on the cover (the issue has two covers, and Kate is on both of them) of the May 2011 issue. And there’s a perfectly good explanation for that – an Alexander McQueen tribute issue!

Photographed by Solve Sundsbo, Kate Moss is wearing a gorgeous ruffled dress on the newsstand cover. A dress you may remember. Somewhat. Ghostly. It’s the same dress Kate was wearing in the new legendary hologram feature she did in the Fall Winter 2006 Alexander McQueen Fashion Show. Such an ethereal moment! One of my favorite in fashion. Ever! The second cover, however, is radically different, miles away from the first and from Kate’s usual style. (the story continues right after the jump with larger images of the covers)

Kate Moss Harper s Bazaar McQueen Tribute May 2011 covers

We’re so used to seeing Kate Moss wearing her already trademark black eyeliner that I don’t even remember her with otherwise. In this second cover’s case, Kate Moss is sans eyeliner and looking fabulous! She’s also wearing a dress from the Fall Winter 2011 2012 Alexander McQueen Collection, as designed by Sarah Burton. She’s the very picture of perfection! I don’t even mind she’s looking a bit like Kylie Minogue!

Kate Moss Harper s Bazaar McQueen Tribute May 2011 cover

The issue, like I said, it very special, featuring Alexander McQueen’s muses (Kate Moss, Daphne Guinness and Annabelle Neilson) recollecting their most precious McQueen memories. For the moment these are the only images available but I’m looking forward for the rest. Have you seen more from the issue? and if so, where? (Harper’s Bazaar via 1, 2)

Kate Moss Harper s Bazaar McQueen Tribute May 2011 second cover

Kate Moss Harper s Bazaar McQueen Tribute May 2011


#1 ajgingerbelle on 04.01.11 at 4:02 am

Absolutely beautiful!
Ahhh, that hologram when Kate was out of the country and it seems her career was over and McQueen stood by her as a true friend in the most wonderful way with that hologram and ‘We love you Kate’ on his T-….this moves me a lot. I want that Bazaar!

Could it be possible Kate marries in ‘vintage’ McQueen this summer?

(I’am so curious to see the bridal dresses of the two most famous UK’s Kates of the moment!!!
Been to The Kills last night but Jamie’s fiance was no where to be seen alas….)

#2 kpriss on 04.01.11 at 7:46 am

It must have been great! (the concert, I mean)

I remember reading somewhere that she has commissioned Galliano to do her wedding dress. And as for the Royal Kate, fingers crossed that she chooses McQ! It would be such an honor!

#3 ajgingerbelle on 04.01.11 at 10:43 am

It was great a bit ‘less dirty’ as the other time I saw them and I mean the sound of course. Awesome rock duo. Sold our concert. Alison Mosshart is still the Queen of Cool as I’ve often read. Jamie is kinda cute, funny too.
Oh the Royal Kate!! I’m really curious I’m gonna watch it all. But this Kate would look great in vintage McQueen as a bride too. Such a true friend he was to her.
I asked in the shop when this May Bazaar UK should arrive answer: “It’s April 1 is this a joke?” LOL, I let them save one for me. :D

#4 Ellington on 04.05.11 at 7:24 am

It is a lovely cover but I did not recognize Kate at all!

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