Absolutely Awesome And Inspiring!

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What’s your daily routine? How do you do everything feel better on a dreary day? I will share with you what I do to keep it positive, to lift it higher than the weather or anything else imposed on us a gray shade of being.

I’m perusing through the interwebs, the inspiring and artsy alleys of it. The ones I know, and I’m sure they’re plenty of them out there and I haven’t discovered them yet (and I’m so looking forward to doing it!). And sometimes, only sometimes, I find little treasures, like today. Inspiring moments that’ll, inevitably, bring tears of thankfulness in my eyes. Tears of joy for being alive, for being where I am and having what I have.

Today’s amazingly inspiring moment is brought to you by Neil Pasricha (you may know him from his amazing website 1000awesomethings dot com). You don’t have to have 17 minutes to watch this video. Just start doing it by pressing play. It’ll sweep you off your feet, it’ll melt you heart and inspire you, hopefully, to get through the day with a positive attitude. (oh, yeah – those awesome things are based on three A: attitude, awareness and authenticity). Have fun watching!

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