Lady In Gray

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We’ve talked about it last week. Haven’t we? Well here’s a little something extra on the subject! I just happen to find the most beautiful and inspiring image of a gray haired lady looking nothing short than gorgeous!

It’s the kind of image that makes me sigh and wish I’d be like that when I grow up! Her face, there’s just something, some kind of peace there… (yeah, I know, it’s fur, but maybe it’s just fake fur, you know? plus, it goes so well with her looks and attire!). I have no idea who she is, who photographed her, but I wish I knew! If anyone has any ideas, please step forward.

Also – I think I made up my mind – no hair dye for me, thank you!

UPDATE: The beautiful lady pictured below is Ingmari Lamy (Swedish Model and former muse of Kenzo), thanks Christine! (photo via)

Lady in Gray

Ingmari Lamy is one of those models who gets better with age. And we, fashion amateurs, couldn’t applaud more the fash-professionals initiative to push the limit of age for models further down the line. Of course it’s hardly a random course of action as statistics show that consumers tend to buy more products which are advertised by mature models.

Ingmari Lamy then and now

But truth being told, in our ever-so-stressful regime of life, people who grow old gracefully are giving us all hope. Somewhere along the timeline since she started modeling at 19, good things happened to Ingmari Lamy and others like her. Things that made her look, at 65, even more distinguished, more graceful than she was looking in her young years. An aura of peace and beauty surrounds her and makes me proud to have chosen to wear my hair grey.

Ingmari Lamy modeling then and now


#1 Roxan on 11.14.17 at 8:55 pm

She truly grew more beautiful.

#2 Rita on 01.05.18 at 11:50 pm

She’s absolutely Stunning! I’m almost 56. I have naturally platinum hair but dye it every month. Have been for almost 40 years! I need the courage to let it be but I’m so afraid I’ll look older with my natural silver/platinum !

#3 Laurie Devine/Davies on 04.17.18 at 1:45 am

I am now 68 and age is just a
number….i am all grey and when
i leave my hair grey its all different shades and if i feel like a change
I use the wash in wash out collours
10 washes)…im blue at the moment
Being grey does not bother me…
Were like a good bottle of red….
We get better with age ….x

#4 kpriss on 05.02.18 at 11:33 pm

Thank you Laurie for joining the grey team! I try to resist all the temptations around me and continue my naturally grey-ing process and I’m always enchanted by women who live their age and their natural body etat ! Congrats to you for being true to yourself!

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