Sung Yeonju Food Couture. Gaga’s Meat Dress Is So Yesterday!

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With the risk of creating a displeasing image, you all need to focus on a past appearance of Lady Gaga’s when she was wearing a getup made entirely out of raw meat. (yeah, I’m with you – distasteful all the way)

Now let’s scroll down together and agree that fashioning food isn’t all that gross and repugnant as Gaga made it to be! Sung Yeonju demonstrates that couture food in the name of art can really be appealing all the way to amazing! (thus confirming a theory of mine that Gaga isn’t all that artistic or original. She’s just seeking the shock factor in everything, anything, a far cry from actual art).

Sung Yeonju’s Wearable Food ongoing project goes on for two years and focuses on reinterpreting the meaning of food in our lives and the importance of clothing. “Unwearable clothing that is made out of the materials that don’t last.” . If you’re curious for more, Sung’s work will make the object of an exhibition in Los Angeles, January 2011. (more about Sung here; via)

Sung Yeonju wearable art tomatoes

Sung Yeonju wearable art chewing gum

Sung Yeonju wearable art eggplant

Sung Yeonju wearable art winter mushrooms

Sung Yeonju wearable art lotus root

Sung Yeonju wearable art mushrooms

Sung Yeonju wearable art bananas


#1 Mandi Brighton on 12.20.10 at 10:06 pm

Such a unique way to express art and fashion!

#2 Ellington on 12.21.10 at 1:07 pm

How beautiful and creatively whimsical! : )

#3 Agingerella on 12.22.10 at 9:54 am

This is a feast for the eyes. Just beautiful. :-)

#4 Sarah Farrukh on 02.12.11 at 3:00 am

hot dress :P

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