Designer Bags For Alfa Romeo Cars

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Alfa Romeo, the prestigious Italian car brand found a special way to celebrate their centenary: by commissioning the Central Saint Martin’s College Of Art and Design’s student to create two limited edition bags.

Tamara Elliott and William Hendy have signed the two bags inspired by the compact sports car Alfa MiTo. Designed as flat garment bags, they both fold to create unique and practical shapes, not to mention beautiful and sleek. I’ve long loved huge bags and I’d love to have them both (even if I would prefer them in deep cowboy-ish brown). With or without the Alfa. (Alfa Romeo via)

Alfa Romeo Centenary Bags

Alfa Romeo Centenary Bag for women

Alfa Romeo Centenary Bag for men

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#1 arjen simon scheer on 01.25.11 at 11:37 am

alfa romeo does it again, i hope the milaan turijn is better then the sissy expectations

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