Melissa Zaha Hadid Giant Shoes From German Museum

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A reputed architect like Zaha Hadid only does extraordinary things. Her collaboration with Melissa shoes a while back spawned a pretty remarkable shoe, a strange and unique perspective over the footwear.

If I understood that only looking with my highly amateur eye, Die Neue Sammlung (Nuremberg, Germany), the first museum entirely dedicated to the history of design acknowledged how special Zaha Hadid’s shoes for Melissa really are by making them part of their permanent exhibition.

The 13ft (4meters) tall shoes join an impressive installation of 80,000 items from different areas of design (industrial design, graphic design, object design) so if you’re the proud owner of such a pair (in smaller, biensur), it’s like you were wearing a Van Gogh of shoes! (do you? Own a pair?) (via)

Melissa Zaha Hadid German museum

Melissa Zaha Hadid Giant Shoes German museum

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