Kim Kardashian Watches

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Another one bites the fame endorsement dust! Actually it’s not another – it’s the same ol’ entrepreneur Kardashian – Kim who’d be selling the sand beneath her feet if only she could. And maybe, some day (if you’ll be nice enough), she would!

So what’s Kim Kardashian been up to lately? Well she got herself into watches by collaborating with Brissmor and creating (ahem) a 24 – pieces collection. With names like “the Dallas” and “the London”, “the Beverly Hills” and “the Paris”, one can only safely assume that she’s in for a long city run. After all, she only got as far as seven cities thus far (each declined in 3 variations) plus a country (the Italy). If it’s not worn on your lower back side, Kim, I’m afraid it won’t catch the much deserved attention!

Also, if it doesn’t enhance your lips or your behind with every tick tack, it could prove to be a frail business venture. What kind of product would you expect Kim to release next? (KK signature watches via)

Kim Kardashian Signature Watches collection

Kim Kardashian launches watches collection

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