Lanvin Musical Bride Snowball Is Waiting For You This Christmas

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… at a luxury store near you! And if you’re a sucker for snowballs, like many of us are, you’d be delighted to add this Lanvin Musical Bride snowball to your collection.

Much more impressive than the cotton python bag we talked about earlier, the snowball actually is as funny as it gets (and as kitschy – but in a snowball-ish forgiven kind of kitschy way). Plus it’s the season – think about it this way – if you don’t want the teeny couture wonder for yourself, then consider it for a very special friend who missed out on the best pieces from the Lanvin Loves H & M collection! It’s the closest you’ll get to a H & M Lanvin price ($200)!

Lanvin Musical Bride Snowball figurine

Lanvin Musical Bride Snowball

Lanvin Musical Bride Snowball label

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