What To Do With Old Zippers?

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Decorate a jar with them! Look how great they could make a simple jar look! The handy work of Amalia Versaci (funny, eh?), the vintage zippers jars or vases could be a great addition to any décor. Funny and colorful, Amalia Versaci’s designs blend together that vintage trophy search I was talking about earlier this week and the eye of an artist for Amalia is an artist and a designer looking for innovative ways to bend the unconventional into her work.

I may be loving the zipper jars and vases, however, Amalia’s work is not bound to those. She even makes zipper keys earrings, zipper keys necklaces, bracelets and many more. Her creativity can only be limited by the wearer’s courage. So it’s maybe not a straight dare to wear moment, but it has its applications! Would you wear zipper – anything? How about those lovely jars, then? (Amalia Versaci via)

Zipper Jars Amalia Versaci

Vintage zipper vase Amalia Versaci

Vintage zipper jar Amalia Versaci

Vintage zipper vase Amalia Versaci interior detail

Vintage zipper vase Amalia Versaci detail

Zipper bracelet Amalia Versaci

Zipper necklace Amalia Versaci

Zipper earrings Amalia Versaci

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