Fashion Made In Paris. La Classe!

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There’s hardly anything to match the fame and the symbolic power of the famous French Tour Eiffel. In any aesthetic dimension of our lives, there’s a bit of the French Eiffel Tower, a token of the French chic and, like they put it: “classe”. As I see it, the “la classe” is a superior chic, something like the uber chic, uber style, uber elegance.

Now you’ll see a case of “la classe” taken to the extremes with a handful of mini Tour Eiffel hanging on a necklace, proudly, on a fashionista! I find it hard to believe that someone will actually buy all those miniatures just to wear them around the neck, in a complete and undeniable statement of kitsch and cheap urban pop. Can you believe this girl? (easy fashion)

mini Tour Eiffel necklace

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#1 Adriana on 10.10.10 at 8:12 am

LOL! Maybe a great idea for our tourists shops: necklaces with windmills. Nah, not stylish it’s not Paris of course. Wooden shoes? Ugh…..but tulips is better I suppose. The cannabis merchandise is yet good business in the Netherlands you see. ;)

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