Herve Leger By Max Azria Spring Summer 2011 Collection

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How do you convince yourself through an entire movie if you sense it’s not worth the visual trouble? I had to fragment Herve Leger’s Spring Summer 2011 Collection fashion show viewing just to make it till its end.

Challenging. Really challenging. Herve Leger’s mythical bandage dress has diluted so much over the last heavy entertainment industry people rotation that it has lost its meaning and charm. Max Azria sensed that (or maybe not, who actually knows what’s going on in a designer’s head?) and went for a rising aesthetic value in the ranks of our beloved celebs: the corset. (there’s more after the jump, don’t miss the images and the video from the collection!)

Herve Leger Spring 2011

After talking about Taylor Momsen few days ago, I felt like this collection was filled with Momsenities. Lady wannalooklike dresses throwing the physical balance out the window (yes, it pretty much happens when you choose a very tight, elastic dress cut at the wrong length – it shows your legs much thicker than they really are, thus creating an unpleasant lack of visual continuity from the tight, corset-ish dress to the natural, fabric – less limbs) – take a closer look at the body ensemble for every single one of those uber skinny models walking down the runway and you’ll see just what I mean.

Herve Leger Summer 2011

I’m having a hard time coping with the diplomacy of fashion – one of the best things of being in my shoes is keeping my integrity intact and my honesty in my front cerebral row. That’s how I judge things. And appreciating Herve Leger’s Spring Summer 2011 collection doesn’t fall in my honest ways. It’s a tired aesthetic, overrated and fashionably common. And that, my daaaahlings, equals extinction in the fashion circuit, wouldn’t you say? (you can see photos of the entire collection here)

Herve Leger Spring Summer 2011

Herve Leger Spring Summer 2011 collection


#1 mdinah on 09.19.10 at 5:34 am

is only me,or any normal woman sized 6 or 8(or up) can’t wear that without looking vulgar ?

#2 Adriana on 09.19.10 at 11:18 am

mdinah, no, it’s not just you. I’m very pleased you mentioned normal women and normal sizes. And yes, a lot of women would look very vulgar. I’m sick and tired of this trend. No breasts, no smiles. It’s not really celebrating women right? :((

#3 mdinah on 09.19.10 at 3:41 pm

well, I really love models’ figure but only there , on the catwalk.
out of there is quite difficult to find anything interesting in decerebrated 16 yo eastern europeans.
beautiful creatures but not related with reality.

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