What Men Know About Fashion

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Now did you ever asked yourself that? You or / and your man? It’s tricky one, I promise! Here’s the proof: they conducted a study about fashion terminology on a group of 1,356 men and the results are amusing to say the least!

Did you know that when you say “tunic” some men will think of a flower? (about 53% from the study group) And when you say “hosiery”, some men will imagine it has to do with gardening appliances? (33% from the studied group) Oh, and please, don’t even hope that “Halter – neck” will evoke the oh – so – simple clothing item! Oh, no! For some of our men, halter – neck is just a way to designate a roller coaster or a neck brace! (10% for the first one and 27% for the second). You know what “culotte” means to them? For a good 32% it’s all about a disease and for 39% it’s a reference to a French town! And get this: a “wrap – over” is most certainly a sandwich (for 40% from the studied group), “chiffon” is the a name for a cleaning product (38%), a “bandeau” designates an 80s musical event (27%) aaaaaand (are you ready?) a pashmina is definitely an Indian meal or a country while a “gilet” is a type of kitchen knife! (mCF via nl, photo via)

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#1 Adriana on 09.20.10 at 8:55 am

On the other hand I often need a vocabulary when they talk very typical men stuff. And when they seem to have fight it’s only a discussion. ;)

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