Ralph Lauren RLX Affinity Bicycles

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Cycling is the new couture? I wish! I still have dreams about taking the family out for cycling! I would pretty much look like a biking kangaroo right now so I’m taking a rain check on that and still making this huge inspiration panel in my mind for when we’re all be a big happy cycling pack.

Now getting back to that couture mention – Ralph Lauren has designed a bicycle with Affinity: Affinity Lo Pro and Kissena Ralph Lauren RLX. Looking great (if you like the fixed gear bikes – and even if you don’t, you have to agree it’s a pretty clean looking bike design) but not a word on a price yet. If you’re in the area – the grey Kissena will be available at the Ralph Lauren Rhinelander Mansion, on Madison Av, NY – you could give us a hint about the price tag. Great looking bikes, really! Wouldn’t you agree? (Affinity via)

RLX Affinity Custom fixed gear Kissena bike

RLX Affinity Custom fixed gear Low Pro bike

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