Dare To Wear The Wig Bag By Pia Ingelse?

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When it comes to architecture and interior design, everything is pretty much permitted. The same when it comes to fashion and style. Those who dare may be blessed with a positive appreciation or not, depending on who’s watching and judging.

If ever you want to toss all your old Barbies (or other dolls), think twice before doing so. Take a look at the images below and you’ll see just why you might regret your artsy-less gesture! All that hair could be transformed into a Wig Bag, just like Pia Ingelse did! A gracious, tres chic bag. Now if we came down to the wearability question, I’d say no. How about you? (PI via)

Wig Bags Pia Ingelse

Wig Bag Pia Ingelse

Showing a real passion for all things hair/wigs, Pia Ingelse hails from Sweden and after her graduation in 1999 from her Art History studies at Uppsala University, she immersed herself in creations and exhibitions year after year.

artist Pia Ingelse in her studio

Pia’s artistic approach is complex, expressing herself through paintings, objects and performances. Revolving around her main interest: hair and its many shapes and manifestations, Pia Ingelse focuses on the cultural implications of hair (and more) into the everyday routine.

girls long hair painting Pia Ingelse

Like any other material, hair is very interesting to work with, providing a virtually endless pool of creative ideas in a vast array of manifestations. The wig bags is just one of the many ways to highlight hair and its versatility. (if you want to follow the artist’s updates, you can visit her website)

hair mixed media installation Pia Ingelse

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Yea gads no!

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