Ready For Lanvin’s Suitcase Honeymoon Set?

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We were talking about weddings, a while back, right? What more suitable subject right now than the honeymoon?

Now for those of you who are not in the imminent honeymoon perspective, vacationing will do just fine! Lanvin has this wonderful little suitcase set called the Lanvin Suitcase Honeymoon set waiting for your $740! Yep, for $740 you (don’t get the vacation) get a pareo, sandals and a carrying bag all contained in a matching fully lined canvas suitcase, a patterned tote with an interior pocket. If you’ll notice there’s no bathing suit involved, it’s probably because of the “honeymoon” particle – you don’t go honeymooning with your clothes on, now do you? (via)

Lanvin Suitcase Honeymoon matching set

Lanvin Suitcase Honeymoon matching set flip flops

Lanvin Suitcase Honeymoon

Lanvin Suitcase Honeymoon pareo

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