Prada’s Knitted Leather Bags For Fall 2010

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How do you feel about knitted bags? How about leather knitted bags? Prada is coming at you hard this fall with knitted bags!

Judging by the success they’ve had with their blossom line, I’m inclined to believe the new Fall Winter 2010 2011 knitted bags will be just as contagious. And why not? They look vintage enough to make believe they’ve been around for ages, they’re crafty enough to make any diy-er out there try to pick up the challenge and they’re just as luxurious as needed for these sorrowed economical times (if Chanel can ask $3,400 for their classic flap bag, I’m sure a $4,500 Prada knitted tote will look just fine, not to mention the $2,600 clutch!). Hit the jump to see the small size knitted one and make your fashdecision. Hot or flop? (via)

Prada Knitted leather bag large

Prada Knitted leather clutch

Prada Knitted leather clutch black

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