Karl Lagerfeld Takes His Summer Wardrobe To Town

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Karl Lagerfeld takes his uberglam persona and his white summer wardrobe out for a walk in St Tropez. Besides the naval-themed outfit (with the navy blue pants and white shirt, white boots, white blazer), the Kaiser brings something new to the scene: the silver gloves and the skinny tie.

I mean – when have you seen the Kaiser wearing a skinny tie? And those fingertips-less silver gloves? Just how creepy is that? Hiding the effects of the years on you isn’t going to dodge the aging. It’s just going to make it more ridiculous. Uncle Karl, we still love your fashion deeds beyond your wrinkles! (photo via)

Karl Lagerfeld wears summer outfit skinny tie


#1 mdinah on 08.03.10 at 12:56 pm

oh no Karl…. white boots???? really??
no, no , nooooo!!!!! you are the Kaiser!!!

#2 cc on 08.03.10 at 9:14 pm

Are you seriously suggesting that the boots are the only thing wrong with his ‘look’ ?

#3 mdinah on 08.04.10 at 1:38 am

not at all, but certainly the most abominable of them…
all other elements you could fit in some other outifit,,,, but white shoes are criminal..

#4 Adriana on 08.04.10 at 6:49 am

You guys hate white footwear? Then you should definitely watch John Waters’ film “Serial Mom”! :D
Come on Karl feels ‘young’ in this look, let the man enjoy his own style time runs fast and life is short. So let him. :) ;)

#5 kpriss on 08.04.10 at 7:04 am

now that’s a good topic : white footwear! I still have my wedding sandals (which were absolutely gorgeous and I love them still, besides having paid a small fortune on’em) in a box, packed, shiny and new, worn just a few hours… In exchange – my wedding dancing shoes (white bow ballerinas) still run strong in my casual wardrobe – I have this long white dress with blue flowers on and I’m wearing it with the ballerinas. Getting back to the actual question: how do you wear your white sandals/shoes? Doesn’t it make it look too “bridal”?

#6 Adriana on 08.04.10 at 7:54 am

I only own very vintage white flip flops which I wearonly indoors and white vintage sort of sneakers who still are in one piece which is miraculous. I wash them in the laundromat in a net. We called them ‘gympies’ back in the days. :)
I’ve nothing agains’t white footwear at all. It looks good sometimes. Not on me though.

#7 mdinah on 08.04.10 at 2:53 pm

Kpriss, white shoes only works for bridal or editorials… nothing else.believe me;-)

#8 cc on 08.04.10 at 6:21 pm

I was forced to buy a pair of pointed, white, patent, kitten heels once cuz they were the only heels in the store in my size and within my pricerange at the time. I wore them, bemused at myself, but came to like them after a while. But, you understand, I bought them because I was backed into a corner!!!

#9 cc on 08.04.10 at 6:23 pm

They were also the only feminine, heeled shoe I owned cuz I usually got round in sneakers at the time.

#10 Adriana on 08.05.10 at 5:57 am

I saw this summer lots of girls and women with all sorts of white shoes. Mainly cute sandals, open high heeled shoes and also white flats. They looked often great with their tanned legs and nice dresses.
I married once wearing black shoes. No, I’m not a goth or a emo. LOL!

#11 kpriss on 08.05.10 at 6:28 am

I was afraid I’d get an answer like yours, mdinah! ;) I even thought I’d go as far as use a silver spray on them (or golden) and take them out of that storage room! Maaaa, the things a girl’s gotta go through to make fashion happen!

Adriana, always surprising! the black-shoes bride! Why not? We’re not all bound to having all white marriages, right?

so no white shoes for you after those kitten heels, cc?

#12 cc on 08.07.10 at 5:17 am

yeah, I’d do white shoes again. It depends on the style. I wouldn’t do (hi-heeled) boots for instance. Tarty.

#13 mdinah on 08.07.10 at 2:42 pm

cc, don’t. please….

#14 Adriana on 08.08.10 at 7:49 am

André Courrèges booties are iconic fashion items. Just saying. =)

#15 mdinah on 08.09.10 at 3:43 am

yep,youre right Adriana.But, like Paco Rabane’s chain dresses they represented something in a special social/historic context.
we are talking about day to day wearability here.. if somebody wants to make a fashion statement ,white shoes are fine(like an editorial, as i said before) but for the daily life they are quite heinous..

#16 Adriana on 08.09.10 at 7:23 am

mdinah, what about the matter of taste? To you it’s heinous because it’s not fashion correct in your view? I don’t care about such things at all. Since this article and the discussion I’d notice quite some white shoes in the streets. :) Since it’s still summer women and girls wear those summery dresses with white footwear and often look great. Are you Anna Wintour in disguise? ;)

#17 mdinah on 08.09.10 at 12:39 pm

Adriana dahling,and what about the matter of “BAD TASTE”??
you can wear them as much as you want dahling..but dont complain when you hear those laughs at your back….

#18 kpriss on 08.09.10 at 1:12 pm

You puzzle me, really, you do! I wear those white ballerinas for quite a few seasons now (I wear them so rarely, I can still rely on wearin’em for few seasons more) and I haven’t heard any complains. Either that or I’m complains-deaf! lol

Truth being told, I match them with such a long, long dress, one can barely notice the shoes underneath. Nevertheless, they’re comfy and they go with that dress. Love them beyond trends.

Reading you, I have to wonder if “les rigueurs du style” have become our very own prejudgments and we can only appreciate fashion if it has been done before. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done, in the name of personal style?

I think I’m bound to head pieces. Headbands, mostly, huge bows, all of them made by me own hand from old/new scarves, tie bows or any piece of fabric I find suitable in that moment’s inspiration. Nobody taught me that, I have done it long before it got into hot fashion and I’ll still be doing it long after it’ll go out of hot fashion.

Those huge bows? they’re 100% me and everybody who knows me, knows I’m not leaving the house without something like that in my hair.

I surely don’t feel the same about my fabulous bride sandals. And that just because they’re white. Who has white weddings anymore? And yet we’re preset to judge white shoes as “bridal only”. Let us bent the society, not the other way around (I read myself and still I don’t feel convinced to bring those white sandals out of the closet any time soon :P )…

#19 mdinah on 08.09.10 at 3:35 pm

Kpriss, you will never hear complains when wearing them….you will hear those “self suffocated” laughs..but only from “stylish” people or fashion insiders(also known as “bitches”).
To be strictely fair I must admit I dont even consider ballerinas and fliflops as proper shoes, but I (try to)understand the need to be confortable..so perhaps they are out of the rule…
ok, so what defines a group?? A true group exhibits some degree of social cohesion and is more than a simple collection or aggregate of individuals, such as people waiting at a bus stop. Characteristics shared by members of a group may include interests, values, representations(took from google,admitedly)..So we can expect that the “fashion” group has some common tastes/ rules( of course they are not extrict but they exist). its like society in general.. when you enter in certain social sphere you try to act accordingly,just for good maners, politeness..and you respect those values (in that moment, even if you disagree with them)…The same here, you are a stylish woman, its why you write StyleFriss, its why you dont wear white shoes…

#20 mdinah on 08.09.10 at 4:08 pm

sorry , I meant STRICT rules and (almost unpardonable)Style FRIZZ.
The most outrageous thing I ever did was to buy an Alexander Macqueen shirt that costed my entire salary… it was so beautiful that every single time I wore it people stopped me at street to ask about it.(that kind of thing makes a great designer-and not just replicating old ages styles as mr jacbs does. I dont mean the fact of being stopped, what is quite annoying, but the fact that a product can call the attention for its quality/beauty)
but I was much younger and frivolous…I wouldn’t do it today.
I adore head pieces(on women). they made you so original. keep wearing them:-))
Why in heaven you just dont keep those shoes in its box??as a souvenir(hate this word) of a beautiful day??

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