More Amazing Tattoos

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As the days go by, my eyes feel the unique pleasure of seeing some pretty outstanding ink works. It’s almost sartorial, since you can always choose to wear your tattoo like some permanent skin outfit.

From a pretty special tattooed earring to the Converse logo inked on both legs right above the ankles, not many tattoos are as complex as the couture garter featured right after the jump! We’ve seen tattoos taking the catwalk by storm, we’ve seen tattoos breaking records and rules. Still, I’m forever amazed by the new models and designs people put on their skin. What’s the most amazing tattoo you’ve ever seen? (via)

Converse all star ankle tattoos

Amazing garter tattoo

Ear lobe tattoo

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#1 cc on 08.03.10 at 9:17 pm

The Converse tattoo is just miserable. A corporate logo on your human body forever. Depressing doesn’t begin express it…

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