Coolio Gangsta’s Paradise

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What were you doing back in 1995? Remember Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise? I do. And for no other reason than music, I thought about this song and the movie that made it big back in the days. 1995…

Hoping you had a wonderful week and thanking you for your amazing comments, I wish your weekend will be greater than ever! Enjoy Coolio ft L.V. Gangsta’s Paradise. (more info right after the jump)

You can’t think about Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise without thinking about Michelle Pfeiffer and her Dangerous Minds movie. It was really a boxoffice breakthrough for the summer of 1995, much to the critics surprise.

The very video reprises scenes from Dangerous Minds as well as Michelle Pfeiffer acting like she did in the movie. However, you should know that Coolio dind’t came up with the song by himself. He was heavily influenced and inspired by Stevie Wonder’s Pastime Paradise (from Songs in the Key of Life, 1976) – you can listen to it here. Coolio changed the lyrics and rapped up the music, nonetheless the similarity is as clear as daylight.

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#1 Adriana on 07.20.10 at 6:23 am

I remember that year too. I rather not remember it. Can I say that here? I don’t care life has ups and downs right? Ah, I remember this video and was very surprised. Pleasantly surprised. Coolio didn’t end up so well alas. Still prefer Stevie Wonder’s version. It’s so beautiful.
It’s a bit late but as always, thanks for all the effort and info Kpriss. :))

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