Cupcakes. Soap Cupcakes

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I’d love to tease you with the following pictures. However, I can’t do it! They’re just so cute, my skies open up in a storm of adorableness!

Cupcake Soaps! With icing and sprinkles too! They’re so precious, I could not touch’em, let alone wash them away! Really! Sure, they’re not too safe in a children filled house (if I’m looking at these Naturalynn soaps and control myself because I know it’s soap, not a cupcake, I’m sure my kids will take a bite just to be sure) so if you’re searching for something adorable to put in your bathroom, I’m telling you – this is it! The Naturalynn soap cupcakes! Can you honestly disagree? (Naturalynn via tTG)

Cupcakes soap Naturalynn

soap Cupcakes Naturalynn

Cupcakes Naturalynn soap

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