Taylor Momsen, Today’s Material Girl

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There’s so much to be said about Taylor Momsen and her authenticity. Her rocking authenticity. There’s oh-so-much I could say about Madonna’s Material Girl collection for Macy’s. I think, however, that too much talking equals too much publicity for that collection. Too much noise for nothing, fashion-wise.

Madonna didn’t do it because she wanted to unleash her inner fashionista (did she?). So now there’s apparently a teaser campaign showing a young blonde, leggy girl. The new Material Girl with clothes created by the original Material Girl (find the video right after the jump). At the same time, a picture, an ad spread, actually, can already be found in magazines all over the nation. The ad shows Taylor Momsen as the Material Girl. Only at Macy’s. Was that a marketing mistake? Is Taylor the new Madonna? (don’t miss the video with Madonna talking about the collection right after the jump!) (via)

Taylor Momsen Material Girl Macy s Ad Campaign

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#1 Adriana on 07.21.10 at 6:34 am

I had enough of Gossip Girl after two episodes. She’s in that series right? And I see many photos of her dressed up as the 80’s rock cliche and every time I’m on YouTube I forgot to check her out……argh, can I have my 9.11 minutes back from watching this video?
Madonna, of course a woman who exploit her daughter as a her latest reinvention is not a material girl at all…….arghhhhhh……

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