Charlize Theron’s Latest Video Crossfire Brandon Flowers

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Have I told you I like Charlize Theron? Guess I did. Nonetheless it won’t hurt saying it again – I really do like Charlize! Naturally I read almost every piece of news Charlize-related. (yes, I also read the one saying she was involved with Keanu. I don’t really believe it – he couldn’t possibly be with Charlize and be sad! No way on Earth!)

So this is the latest about Charlize (to my knowledge): a video. A music video, actually, for Brandon Flowers’ Crossfire. It reminds me of Aeon Flux somehow. Only with Ninjas. Not bad, if you like the save-the-day-girlfriend type. What do you say? (there’s a behind-the-scenes video right after the jump!)


#1 Adriana on 07.15.10 at 6:16 am

I don’t like it. Why is this so violent? Charlize reminds me of most Angelina’s movie parts. Actually it makes me sad The Killers are no more.

#2 cc on 07.16.10 at 2:56 am

Coolest music video I’ve seen in a while. Nice and cinematic. She looks incredible. Love to see her do more action films actually. I appreciate it when actresses build/strengthen their bodies for action roles. Sigourney Weaver, Jessica Biel, Rhona Mitra, Uma Thurman, Milla Jovovich… Such a refreshing change from weak, skinny damsels in distress.

#3 Adriana on 07.16.10 at 5:24 am

I don’t see a connection between the song and the video; as usual alas. I watched it as an avid music lover. I’m not a fan of action movies either. There are a few I love a lot though like Alien in which Sigourney Weaver is as unforgettable as the movie. I rewatch it over and over again. And Linda Hamilton in Terminator: Judgement Day. Now that movie made the gyms and fitness big among women!! Men fell in love and we girls thought: “Hell yeah, I want to look like that!” Well, we did anyway and never became that toned…LOL! These two really set a trend back then.
I had to google for Rhona Mitra. I saw her only once in that bizarre series Nip/Tuck. I liked the first two seasons. Rhona Mitra looks indeed interesting.

#4 cc on 07.17.10 at 12:43 am

yes – forgot Linda Hamilton – she was a revelation in T2 :)

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