Miranda Kerr’s Elle

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So with Gisele still holding the No 1 spot and Lara in her nuptial dream, Miranda Kerr looks like the perfect choice to embody the next supermodel.

Her Elle Magazine photoshoot (you can see scenes from it right after the jump!) is just another example to sustain her ascending. Not only her doll-beauty is undeniable, but she seems so down to earth and lucid, I could listen to her going on and on about how modeling is not a permanent job and she’s just having fun while she still can (did you know Miranda has a book coming out later this year? It’s called Treasure Yourself – you can read more about it here). This even makes me believe there’s still clean fashion out there… Wouldn’t you say?

Miranda Kerr Elle Magazine June 2010

Miranda Kerr Elle Magazine June 2010 photos

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