Luxurious Gadget Apple iPad With Solid Gold Case

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I’m so happy to be able to share my iPad love with you! (what say I, love? It’s an obsession, really!) Whenever there’s something iPad popping my way, I’ll make sure you’ll see it too!

Liverpool-based designer Katherine Hughes (from Stuart Hughes aka Goldstriker International, brand specialized in pimping all gadgets out there) took your ordinary (still gorgeous) Apple iPad and replaced its aluminum back case with an identical one. In solid gold adorned with 53 diamonds for the Apple logo. Luckily, only ten such precious $180,000 iPads will see the light of day, trying to outshine the sun. As you know I have serious projects to embed one of those wonderful iPads in my kitchen cabinet, I’m sure it makes no difference if it’s black or gold. Not to mention the $179,500 discount for the black one! Do you think Paris Hilton is already on the waiting list for the golden one? (Stuart Hughes via Newslite)

Golden case iPad

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