Tavi Gevinson At War Against Terry Richardson!

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While Tavi sometimes raises my eyebrows, I have to stand up for an honest round of applause this time! Yes, in Tavi’s honor!

Remember those sleazy truths about Terry Richardson making surface and then being instantly submerged by all the fashionpeople vowing for his respectability? That nearly killed my good mood few days in a row. Fashion is not for the sensitive. They all must have developed crocodile-thick skins and the morality needles don’t come through anymore. Luckily, a 14-yo still sees clear. She sees through you. We all know you don’t care, Terry, but we do, don’t we? (you can read Tavi’s article here photo via)

I was touched by Terry Christopher Lesauve tee

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#1 Adriana on 05.17.10 at 8:34 am

I’ve read this. I told sometime ago I became interested in her? Tavi is maybe young but certainly intelligent. And you know what they say: the youth is the future. Please more of these examples? Because I do care very much! Yes, bravo Tavi!!

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