i-D Gisele, Miranda And Jeneil This Summer 2010!

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Usually we always get who’s on the cover of a magazine, this time, however, i-D decided to get us in the i-d-ing game. Three covers for the Summer 2010 issue, one more heartmelting than the other.

Gisele Bunchen by Matt Jones, Jeneil Williams by Daniel Jackson and.. get this: Miranda Kerr by Willi Wanderperre! They want Miranda to be the next Gisele. In order to have that, they should, maybe, just maybe, make Mirada recognizable? Perhaps the inside will give us more Miranda than the cover does. Gisele is, well, Gisele (and she only has the cover-photo, there’s no pictorial with her inside – that’s what stars do). And Jeneil is just wonderful! Her pictorial reminds me so much of Michael Jackson’s and Naomi’s “In the closet”! (click through to see images from Jeneil Williams’ pictorial) Now tell me, honestly, would you have ever i-d-ed Miranda on that cover? (photos via)

Gisele Miranda Jeneil i D Summer 2010 covers

Gisele Bundchen i D Summer 2010 cover

Miranda Kerr i D Summer 2010 cover

Jeneil i D Summer 2010 pictorial

Jeneil i D Summer 2010

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#1 Ellington on 05.16.10 at 11:35 am

LOVE Jeneil’s photos!
As for Miranda no I would not have known it was her at first glance. But all three ladies look good.

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