Teri Hatcher Has A Blog

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If you think being an actor in a successful TV Series might be enough for some, take Teri Hatcher as an example to prove you wrong. She just teamed up with Disney Family dot com to create and launch a website dedicated to, what else, women!

Following in the footsteps of Gwyneth Paltrow and so many others, Teri Hatcher wants to bring her point of view to women, making them feel empowered. Reaching out to the women hiding within every mom (Teri herself is a mom, a single mom, to Emerson Rose, a 12-year-old girl), gethatched.com has more contributors than Teri besides being a website about and around’s Teri’s personal experience. This is great news, the only hitch is that, like every other celeb-product out there, it’s highly improbable to be also celeb-hand-made but more celeb-name-made, right? (via)

Teri Hatcher get hatched dot com

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