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With the Costume Institute Gala just around the corner, let this be a fashion web-around with goodies all around the Internet! Rumors running down the fashion mill keeping us busy, keeping us guessing. Let’s join the rumors game!

Having seen the latest Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign with three soccer legends, not only we’re curious about how it’s going to end, who’s going to win, but we’re also anxious to know who’ll be next! Well, rumor has it that next to appear before Annie Leibovitz’ lens will be none other than U2’s Bono!

Penelope Cruz Lancome ad Paris balcony

I know summer has just begun and we’re only at June issues, but fashion magazines (and more) already have their September agenda planned! And for Vanity Fair’s September 2010 issue we’re hearing that Lady Gaga is the main candidate! Photographed by Nick Knight, Gaga will try to fit in last year’s big shoes (Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett).

Rumor has it that Penelope Cruz (no, we still don’t know if she’s pregnant or not, but we’re not at that guessing game right now) was signed in as an ambassador for Lancôme and scenes from an upcoming ad were already shot in Paris by Mario Testino. Time will tell…

Penelope Cruz Lancome ad Paris balcony Testino

Beyonce’s last tour’s costumes were all about Thierry Mugler, some Leger here and Armani there. But those names don’t stand a chance against the rumor stating that for Queen Bees next tour, the costumes will be all designed by Victoria Beckham!

Talking about designing: Dita Von Teese is next on the collection rumor mill! She’s thinking about launching her own label!

Not really fashion but not really speculation either, just to wrap it all in a strange manner: there seems to be a connection between the unemployment rate and the weighing in.

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#1 Adriana on 05.04.10 at 8:36 am

Penélope looks great as ever. Lâncome though change “their face” really quick lately right? She denied the pregnancy rumor. We’ll see.

Hmm, Victoria Beckham is really making her way right? I bet she will be around for some time to come.

Doesn’t surprise me really that unemployed people gain weight.
I’ve read obesity is even a danger for the US army! Oops….

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