Beyonce’s Thierry Mugler Constumes For I Am Concert Live

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It’s always exciting to see how the fashion sketches come to life. Especially if we’re talking about Thierry Mugler. And Sasha Fierce.

I have to admit, I was so nostalgic about George Michael’s video where the famous Thierry Mugler motorcycle leotard first appeared and I was expecting something similar. Seeing the sketches only confirmed that Mugler’s work didn’t part ways with George Michael’s glory days. (the story continues after the jump, don’t miss the rest of the pictures and the video!)

Thierry Mugler Beyonce constumes concert

Thierry Mugler Costumes Beyonce

Pictures from Beyonce’s first concert from the “I Am…” tour have surfaced and she’s wearing Mugler. And she’s swinging, hanged high up on a cable! Which is pretty impressive, given she seems to be doing so darn easy. Must be that Sasha Fierce ego taking over! (There’s something about that Sasha Stage Kingdom that got me wondering where’s Bey at.. if you just take a look at the clip below, you’ll see what I mean!)

Beyonce I Am tour concert

I really am sold! Beyonce’s showing some real class to Lady GaGa! Thierry Mugler vs. Poker-panties-face, there really is no match! And the show she puts on, is quite impressive, without the ice-shades number GaGa puts on every time, to exhaustion!

Beyonce hanging above concert crowd

Beyonce I Am tour Thierry Mugler constumes Beyonce concert Thierry Mugler constumes

How do you find Beyonce’s Mugler show? (photos via 1, 2)


#1 deka on 04.05.09 at 7:02 pm

too bad she didnt fly away…

#2 Jill on 04.06.09 at 4:39 am

Very Vegas…Seigfried and Roy

#3 Adriana on 04.06.09 at 8:59 am

I’d prefer Siegfried and Roy and their white tigers far above this.
What a terrible video but luckily we still have George Michael…..if YouTube allows it…what the hell is going on there?

#4 Ellington on 04.08.09 at 11:47 am

I think that its a good match (Beyonce) Sasha Fierce and Thierry Mugler.
She is a talented performer and is very theatrical in concert, and his designs have a very theatrical edge. In that video she reminded me of the robot in the film “Metropolis”.
I am sure that she gave her fans a show to remember and to enjoy.

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