The Rolling Stones As Tears Go By

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Missed that? I did! (and I’ll make it up to you) Thank you for this wonderful week, for your beautiful comments! I hope you’re ready to have your most amazing weekend yet!

With no melancholy (ok, maybe just a bit), in a true vintage spirit, here’s the Rolling Stones with As Tears Go By from the sixties! And if you enjoyed that (and a bit of sing-along while admiring Mick Jagger’s determination to perform while sitting in just one place for the entire two minutes and half), then please consider Marianne Faithfull’s version, right after the jump! (and more)

Though the original title of the song was “As time goes by” and it was entrusted to Marianne Faithfull (1964), this wonderful piece was actually written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The song came out as a success and the Stones played it over and over due to popular demand. In the mean time, the title was changed into “As tears go by” (because the previous title was already attributed to a known song from Casablanca).

Covered by the grands of music (Nancy Sinatra, Vanessa Paradis), this piece remains one of the most successful slows ever to be issued by the Rolling Stones. (true, rumors say it was inspired by the Beatles’ Yesterday, but who are we to judge? We’re here to enjoy music, right?)


#1 Ellington on 04.09.10 at 2:35 pm

I like the Stones and Marianne Faithful!
Thanks for this Kpriss and a stellar weekend to you and yours and to all on StyleFrizz! :)

#2 Adriana on 04.10.10 at 5:38 am

Yes I did miss it! :) And I love your choice Kpriss. :*
She was not so innocent this Marianne Faithfull but isn’t moving to see that songs like this were a huge hit in the “wild 60’s” and she was (and still is) an icon? Her look her and her fashion. Her voice has changed a lot but sounds interesting.
(Kate Moss has looked good at someone like young Marianne style!)

Jagger is so damned sexy no wonder he’s still around and it’s also a wonder that Keith is still around! :))

#3 Margareta Belle Jeanne on 04.10.10 at 5:59 am

He had a pretty face when he was young but that waifish skinniness is really unattractive on a man. And it’s gonna sound lame but I’ll say it anyway – I think he’s still around because he is a Leo (like Madonna) and therefore, a total you know what for the limelight.

#4 Ms. P & C on 04.10.10 at 10:19 am

I like the Marianne Faithfull version of these two. I laughed out loud when that giant bubble thing approached her during the bridge… I thought it was one of those mod 60s chairs, but then it went right past her.

It was then that I realized that it was a “tear” and she was watching it “go by”! HILARIOUS!

#5 Adriana on 04.10.10 at 12:21 pm

Yeah, Leo’s and the limelight….pffff……I’ve two exes who are Leo. My poor hands are still bruised from the applauds I had to give them all the time…..LOL! But they can be very amusing, charming and entertaining as Mick and Madonna. I believe that also Michael Jackson was a Leo!

#6 Rob Schneider rules on 04.11.10 at 4:27 pm

Nah, he was a Virgo :) Obsessive, thought cleanliness is next to godliness, had impeccable taste, was a perfectionist etc !

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