Carey Mulligan’s Black Prada Dress For The 2010 Oscars

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Carey Mulligan, the new young British hope for this awards season showed up wearing a surprising Prada black dress on the 2010 Oscars Red Carpet.

Why surprising? Because it’s full of forks? And scissors? And tons of other tiny objects? Despite of it being practically identical to a Prada pre-fall 2009 dress, I can’t help but think this pretty daring little black dress was made for Carey! What do you think? (As I’m watching the show and you’ve probably noticed the gaps in my updating with articles, I can also tell you that Carey lost the Oscar for Best Actress to Sandra Bullock.) (more images right after the jump, click here for the gallery!) (photos via 1, 2)

Carey Mulligan Prada black dress 2010 Oscars

Carey Mulligan Prada black dress 2010 Oscars 1 Carey Mulligan Prada black dress 2010 Oscars 2 Prada pre Fall 2009 dress


#1 Ellington on 03.07.10 at 10:17 pm

So Sandra Bullock won!? Good for her! I think that I prefer the original dress, it is cute and reminds me a tad of Audrey Hepburn. But then again Carey Mulligan is rather slyph like much like Audrey Hepburn was.

#2 Adriana on 03.08.10 at 9:55 am

Yeah, Sandra won and I was so very, very pleased. A Razzie and an Oscar in one weekend. LOL! To be honest, I’ve hardly seen films with Sandra in the cinema. Speed yes! Mostly on tv….and even if the film is not great that woman never fails to entertain me. I keep on watching!

But this is about Carey and got to see her film.
I like this girl a lot. Such a natural beauty. I can imagine she reminds Ellington on Audrey Hepburn. I’ve the same though there was of course only one Audrey.
I didn’t like this dress really. I’ve still her look at the Bafta’s on my retina. Yes, shame on me I can’t remember the designer’s name….ouch…..but I can see it still!

Ehh, to me this look like two different dresses…….

#3 Rob Schneider rules on 03.09.10 at 3:23 pm

It has to be the first time when the person who won the Best Actress Award also won the Worst Actress Award. (Thank goodness it was for different films! haha)

To be honest when I logged on and saw Sandra holding an Oscar I actually thought “What’s she doing with that? Is she holding it for someone?” I reserve judgement until I see the film itself…

#4 Ellington on 03.09.10 at 4:29 pm

Actually Halle Berry did it too and first. The winner of Best Actress for “Monster’s Ball” and the Razzie for “Catwoman”.

#5 Adriana on 03.10.10 at 1:24 pm

Ellington, that’s right but not in the same year! Halle picked the Razzie up as well and did a parody on her slightly over the top Oscar speech! One of the first who picked up a Razzie as a prize of honour was our Paul Verhoeven for “Showgirls”. I saw that film again of late…..hmm, and look at the “showgirls” aka entertainers today……so, well done Paul! I´m such a huge Paul Verhoeven fan that I forgive him the missers. You people should see his Dutch films. I get far off topic but what´s new?

It´s a Versjeesh…..LOL!

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