Marion Cotillard’s Christian Dior Dress For Golden Globes 2010

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There’s much to say about Marion Cotillard and her outfits, but you can’t blame her for being incoherent. She stuck with her Dior Spring Summer 2010 for the 2010 Golden Globes Awards Red Carpet, even if her Critics’ Choice Awards dress wasn’t couture impressive. (at least not in my book)

Lovely Marion chose an emerald green asymmetric dress from Christian Dior with lace details that create a lingerie impression to the unadvised viewer. Complimenting her eyes and matching her complexion, the dress doesn’t do much for the silhouette, besides showing Marion’s skin. What say you? (click here to see the gallery!)(photos via 1, 2)

Marion Cotillard Christian Dior dress Golden Globes 2010

Marion Cotillard Dior dress Golden Globes 2010

Marion Cotillard Golden Globes 2010 1 Marion Cotillard Golden Globes 2010 2 Marion Cotillard Golden Globes 2010 3


#1 Adriana on 01.18.10 at 7:51 am

No I don’t like this it looks a bit cheap-ish to me. Such a pity.

Anyway, since this is the second time Marion appears here and this fashion show does exist because of parts actors play: how nice it was not the Jolie-Pitt show this time. Most winners were my fave. Ricky Gervais was very funny as far I’ve could follow it.
Fragile looking Michael C. Hall looked so dapper in his tux and beanie at last rewarded, so Michael, kill that beast inside you, go!
Mo’Nique showed that big women can look gorgeous. She did. It was so funny to see her receive the award from Nicole Kidman. And they looked great together! Hey, wheres Mo’Nique?

Ellington you may not like Award shows. Me neither. The GG’s is the only one I really like. Because good TV acting is also rewarded. Actors who are such a pleasure to watch every week while you don’t have to go out.

Kpriss, a big hug to you girl. I couldn’t sleep, I had pain and entertained myself this way. You made me smile before I tried to get some sleep in the wee-wee hours in my time-zone because you’d notice the Diane and Joshua photo I sent and I wondered if a hard working mother didn’t need some sleep as well…..:*

#2 sonya on 01.18.10 at 8:12 am

it doesn’t do anything for her body lines. i don’t like that; but it does wonders! for her skin wow!

thanks kpriss, great coverage of the GG’s i am in between time zones also.. and missed the show.


#3 Ellington on 01.18.10 at 6:08 pm

I love the colour of the dress and the colour suits her, but Marion would and does look lovely despite an unimpressive dress I think.

I hope that you are feeling much better Adriana. : )
Yes I do not enjoy award shoes but I did see a bit of Mo’Nique’s speech whilst I was changing channels, she looked lovely. :)
I watched “Cyrano de Bergerac” with Jose Ferrer instead! It was great as I had never seen it before. :D

#4 Adriana on 01.19.10 at 7:47 am

Olalala, I read that Ricky Gervais’ jokes were not really appreciated in Hollywood…..too European for Americans I suppose? Really, those actors should take themselves not so serious.

Sorry it’s about Marion’s dress, I know but I had such a good laugh!

#5 cc on 01.24.10 at 12:52 am

it was Drew Barrymore’s dress that stole the show

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