Jennifer Garner’s Versace Dress For Golden Globes 2010

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Jennifer Garner surely is one of those girls you’d want to have as your next door neighbor! She looks beautiful and every time she puts on such a modest appearance despite her being an absolute stunner!

If you’re thinking she was nominated for something you’ve missed out on, don’t! She’s there tonight just for hosting/presenting the 2010 Golden Globes awards. However, Jennifer did bring on her Atelier Versace dress, just to make sure her shiny smile will break out the rain! And it does, doesn’t it? (click here for the gallery!) (photos via)

Jennifer Garner Atelier Versace dress Golden Globes 2010

Jennifer Garner Versace dress Golden Globes 2010

Jennifer Garner Golden Globes 2010 1 Jennifer Garner Golden Globes 2010 2 Jennifer Garner Golden Globes 2010 3


#1 Adriana on 01.18.10 at 7:07 am

Atelier Versace dresses are very beautiful. This one is to die for! It fits like a glove, perfect. I see only photos of Jennifer very casual dressed and then she still looks gorgeous but here she breathtaking beautiful.

Where’s Ben?

#2 kpriss on 01.18.10 at 7:40 am

good question! I guess it’s their policy – keep it low on the Red Carpet. I think there was something she said about that in one of her recent interviews? Either that or I may be confusing things! anyway, the thing was that Ben hated it when he was in his JLo era so now he’s avoiding the red carpet appearances so there would be no comparison or people trying to get in his face about being Mr JLo…

#3 Adriana on 01.18.10 at 7:58 am

How many hours have you slept and work done my lady if I may ask? :))
I know how Ben regret this part of his life but he has the right Jennifer this time!? I am all romantic because of Diane and Joshua and Heidi and Seal. And Mo’Nique and John Lithgow’s homage to their long term partners…..:)

#4 kpriss on 01.18.10 at 8:11 am

lol! yep, go ahead! But a lady never answers such questions! :* I still have to figure out what to cook today! ;) and I only have those dresses rolling in my head! A sequins soup, how’s that, darling? and a nice roasted tulle with louboutins on the side?

Romantic is good, romantic is healthy! :*

#5 Ellington on 01.18.10 at 6:17 pm

Jennifer looks lovely as always. I like her. Ben should be home with the kiddies being a good daddy! ;)

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