Raquel Zimmermann For Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Ad Campaign

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Jean Paul Gaultier really stunned me this time! His idea for the Fall Winter 2009 2010 ad campaign is brilliant (at least aesthetically).

Starring Raquel Zimmerman both as a boy and a girl, the JP Gaultier ads were photographed by Inez and Vinoodh. I had no idea that Raquel could look so garcon-ish and so stylish in the same time. Not to mention that the impeccable photos! That’s photoshopping for a good cause! I’m not sure how it will appeal to the masses, but to my eyes, this Jean Paul Gaultier fall winter 2009 2010 ad campaign looks perfectly flawless! What’s your take on the double Raquel? (more photos right after the jump!) (via)

jean paul gaultier Raquel Zimmermann fall 2009 ad

Raquel Zimmermann JP Gaultier fall winter 2009 ad

Jean Paul Gaultier Raquel Zimmermann fall 09


#1 Daydreamer on 07.31.09 at 3:19 am

Best fall ads so far, Raquel nailed the set and the photoshoping works are incredible, as the first pic, it looks so cool and chic and very “JPG”

#2 Elizabeth on 07.31.09 at 5:46 pm

Definitely cool photo shoot, but the insanely skinny model in the first shot is truly scary looking. Please eat!

#3 Ellington on 08.01.09 at 7:22 am

Interesting premise, but I don’t really see a “guy” in her guy poses. Just a woman playing at acting like a guy. The photos are good though.

#4 Adriana on 08.03.09 at 9:14 am

Yes, feed that girl please. This is not attractive.

#5 kookiekandy on 08.08.09 at 8:16 pm

is she meant to be portraying two men in each photo? because she looks very unfeminine in all of them. She has an overly muscular body and she has no feminine features. I think she needs to put on some weight so she looks like a woman and not a man on heroin.

#6 Liesl Eva Margaret on 02.07.10 at 7:52 pm

She’s divine and far too femininely beautiful to be mistaken as masculine.

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