David And Victoria Beckham For Armani Underwear Ad Campaign 2009

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At first there was David. Then there was Victoria. Now they’re pictured together for the infamous Armani Underwear 2009 Ad Campaign.

Being married to a successful soccer player like David Beckham must be truly challenging for Victoria, the fashionista. Of course she started out as a singer, but who doesn’t discover their inner fashion designer when already in the spotlight? (the story continues right after the jump)

David Victoria Beckham Armani Underwear Ad Campaign

From fashion designer to modelling (back and forth) it’s such a small leap, it came as no surprise seeing Posh fronting the Armani Underwear ad campaign. The trick is to really pull it off. And dVb look so bored and stiff, posing and staged, oiled and fake I’d turn to Eva Mendes and her controversial CK ads any day! Because she looks human! Because when I wear my underwear, I don’t necessarily want to feel like a cyborg (or a married cyborg couple), do you? (photos via)

David Victoria Beckham Armani Underwear Ad 2009


#1 Adriana on 07.06.09 at 4:53 am

No. I don’t believe they are a couple as the usual couples -despite their three sons- they are the brand “dVb”.

#2 sonya on 07.06.09 at 9:53 am

no, and does she ever smile?
i am over their merchandising..

#3 xxx on 07.06.09 at 1:23 pm

Vainess couple of the century thus far!

#4 Ellington on 07.06.09 at 3:25 pm

They are both very plastic. When do Victoria or David look like they are not prefabricated?

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