Coco Rocha Love Letter For Wintour’s Vogue!

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Coco Rocha had an epiphany hanging out in the Vogue offices. Not only she understood the wheels that put a magazine in motion, but also she evaluated the current Vogue team as perfect! How.. professional!

But please, feel free to observe and learn the mighty (orthographic) appreciation put into an honorary article written by Coco Rocha herself right after the jump! Beware! Sticky paragraphs following! You might to wash your eyes after reading to make all that honey go away from your retina!

coco rocha ice cream

I had the great opportunity to watch the busy people of Vogue do what they do best for the past few weeks. It was definitely an eye opener. I knew there was a lot that went on, but I didn’t think there was so much detail that was put into making a magazine.

I got to observe how they choose which girl for each shoot and determined what editor was going to work with which model. I had the privilege to watch the photo department and see the amount of work they put into trying to find a location for a shoot, or how they would place the pictures with the writing so that it look just right. Then I was able to watch the girls in the beauty department, and how they had to make sure the product was shot just the right sort of way. It was also in that department where I discovered the beauty closet. I was even spoiled to go into the library and see one of the first issues of Vogue ever printed. In Accessories I had the chance to see all the hats and purses and shoes laid out so that the editors could choose what they would use on their shoots. In the Fashion department I was lucky to go on a few viewings of pre-collections with the editors.

There was so much I got to see in that short amount of time I was observing there. Being around the office was a little nerve racking I will admit, but then again I would never have had the opportunity of realizing how hard it is for Anna and the rest of the team at Vogue to come up with bigger and better ideas for upcoming issues.

I take my hat off to them, they most definitely the perfect group for such a job.

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#1 Adriana on 08.03.09 at 9:18 am

What do they do with all the stuff they don’t use? I would love to know that.

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