Gisele Bundchen Finally Showing Her Baby Bump!

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Playing peek-a-boo with the news and saying one day that she’s pregnant and the other that she’s not is an old Hollywood game. But what are you gonna do when that baby bump goes out in the open?

Immediately after making the London Fog ads so precious because of her little secret, right after zooming in in those behind the scenes pictures just to get a glimpse of the new Brady-Bundchen in the making, People magazine comes with a clean shot of pregnant Gisele Bundchen!

Gisele Bundchen showing baby bump Isn’t she beautiful? Too bad she has to keep that sorrowed look on her face like she’d be in pain or something! It’s personal, I know, but I can’t help it, really! I love pregnant women! The absolute magic of making life and the sacred experience beyond any other experience makes my eyes float with tears.

I promise you, every time I see a burgeoning baby bump, I get so nostalgic and so longing to be pregnant again, I’m willing to forgive and forget how long and wale-ish the 9 months really are, especially the last three of them!

Bless you, Gisele! go put on the happy face, girl, there’s a miracle growing inside you! (photo via)


#1 Ellington on 07.31.09 at 3:36 pm

She looks lovely. Most women look lovely when the are pregnant but London Fog had to liposuck the baby right out of the photos,which I think is very lame!

#2 Lois on 07.31.09 at 4:49 pm

Sorry, but I can’t stand this woman. I hope she gains 200 pounds and the baby has her original big nose and it’s father’s bald gene.

#3 Adriana on 08.03.09 at 9:05 am

Lois! That’s not really nice, we’re talking about an innocent child here. Bah! And I bet you’ve never met Gisele in real life. You’re not gonna feel better about yourselves with such wishes. Just a thought.

Yeah, that London Fog photoshop was lame and very visible. Not attractive at all.

Kpriss, can we expect an announcement in the near future? Everytime I read your enthusiasm I think so you see ;)

#4 cafe au lait on 08.24.09 at 4:26 pm

As you said the last 3 months,
really, when I see her it’s beautiful but i’m not nostaligic, I enjoyed till the last moment but come on, did you enjoy all the last nights you didn’t sleep, or find position, or those when you had nightmare, or those when you were cryng, or those where you couldn’t stay one minute in your bed because you had to vomit, or those days when you couldn’t close you shoes??

when I saw my baby I said to myself that if they told me before that that will be the price to pay, I could spend 19months.

#5 kpriss on 08.24.09 at 9:48 pm

cafe au lait :*

I don’t know if I really enjoyed all that (though I admit – shoe laces were a day’s nightmare!) but like you said, when you see/hold your baby at the end, everything’s up in smoke and you’re ready to take the very same path all over again!

I think I’ll never grow tired of that!

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