Sienna Miller In Nylon August 2009

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Having a new movie coming up, Sienna Miller wants us all to keep her in mind as a cool, unconventional, punk, playful, hippie beach blonde girl. (not the gossip columns regular, next-door homewrecker girl the paparazzi have been feeding her to us)

Let’s focus on fashion! Sienna Miller Unzipped in Nylon’s denim issue, August 2009 is an enchanting sight for cloudy eyes. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures!)

Sienna Miller Nylon August 2009 cover

Photographed by Marvin Scott Jarrett, Sienna let herself go and went cheeky and college girl friendly. It should be somewhat coherent with her British nature, but it kinda looks wrong. She’s playing cool and makes her best Erin Wasson impression but she’s as unconvincing as every part she’s playing.

Sienna Miller Nylon August 2009

I still love hearing her, with her beautiful British accent (did I told you I looove that clean British accent majestically rolling out from British women whenever they speak? It’s like an aura of distinction and nervous strictness bond together in an irresistibly charming speech. I actually find it far more interesting than the French accent) but I do think everything Sienna touches becomes instantly unimportant. Petit. Such is the case with this Nylon August 2009 affair… Would you watch G.I. Joe, Rise of Cobra just because Sienna is on the cover of a magazine? (photos via)

Sienna Miller Nylon August 09

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#1 Ellington on 07.31.09 at 3:45 pm

Actually I will be watching G.I.Joe rise of Cobra because of Channing Tatum not because of Seinna.
I told you I like to look at him. ; )
I like the outfit she is wearing with the militaryesque blazer and jeans, it is rather funky. :)
I am not a big fan of Sienna but I do not mind her acting wise. I am not too sure about her romantic bouts and choices but then again she is the one who has to live with those decisions for better or worse.

#2 Adriana on 08.03.09 at 9:26 am

Hmm, I’ve seen now other photos of Channing Tatum, not so posed and photoshopped and I liked him much better than on that GQ shoot, much cuter!
Homewreckers are everywhere, it takes two to tango right?
I never feel attracted to any movie because one of the stars grace a cover or an ad-campaign. Plus this is not a magazine I shall buy ever. Sienna looks nice though.

#3 cc on 01.07.10 at 12:40 am

i just love this fashion spread. I want all the clothes. I’d wear them every day if I could. I adore blazers especially this black one with the trim. And that leather jacket – swoon!

#4 cc on 01.07.10 at 12:50 am

actually everything except the heart-shaped glasses…..

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