Rolling Stone Covers Lady GaGa In June 2009

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I remember the good ol’times of Britney Spears and dancing in the classroom or Xtina’s Genie in the Bottle ways… How time flies! The new pop generation is represented by pantless queen Lady GaGa.

Working her shocking status with every magazine picture she can get, 23-years old Lady GaGa covers Rolling Stone magazine wearing as little as a transparent plastic gear for the June 2009 issue. If she wanted the world’s attention, she really got it! (the story continues right after the jump with a backstage video from the photo shoot!)

Lady GaGa Rolling Stone Magazine June 2009

The only downside of this sudden GaGa fame is that the world isn’t quite ready for her Pantlessness! They keep comparing her to Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Rihanna. The madness goes as far as not knowing who’s copying who. Lady GaGa takes things ever further in her despair of being the only one! Soon she’ll be the only Clothesless! And since she’s holding that bar so high now, what’s the rest of the pop-world to do?

Lady Gaga Rolling Stone magazine David LaChapelle

It’s really in the spirit of David LaChapelle that this cover picture (and the associated inside pictorial) were taken. Less in Gaga’s style. But the Mother Monster, as she came to name herself after a few years in the industry (see what it can do to a ‘Lady’? turn her into a ‘Mother Monster’!) is, I’m afraid, at her first cover with the Rolling Stone magazine.

Lady Gaga Rolling Stone magazine recreates look from Alejandro

Every Summer until 2012, Lady Gaga was on the cover of Rolling Stone. As if she was the entertaining act of the summer break: June-July, you had to have your Gaga cover! So after LaChapelle’s ‘New York Doll’ pink visual story came ‘The Broken Heart and Violent Fantasies of Lady Gaga’ as photographed by Terry Richardson. Fashion’s evil, dirty twisted Uncle who took his vision no further than to Gaga’s ‘outfit’ and attitude from Alejandro, one of her biggest hits from her second studio album (you can watch it here).

Lady Gaga Rolling Stone cover bow hair

See why: Uncle Terry earned his dirty reputation!

Her third Rolling Stone cover came in June 2011 when she was photographed by Ryan McGinley and alleged to a whirlwindingly deep ‘Unreal World of Lady Gaga’. Funny enough, this is the least offensive cover she’s done with the iconic magazine so far. Perhaps the reason that made it the last as well (evil grin).

See also: Lady Gaga’s new artistic approach for her latest album!

From then to present times, Lady Gaga released yet another album and she has become so artistic and so precious and pretentious that she lost a bit of her popularity on the way to the peak of her art. Perhaps an exhibition with Marina Abramovich, her new artist-friend, will get you more coverage than a Rolling stone cover story would….


#1 Adriana on 06.01.09 at 6:13 am

Lady BlahBah! I’ve seen the new video and she copies everything and everyone and all there’s to copie so I’m curious what’s next. Only to despise it more. At least Beyoncé and Christina can really sing.

Watched The Boss yesterday on live on tv. I’m not really a fan. But the man and the band were really great. Three hours rock n’ roll (alas not the whole show) pur sang. Rock n’ roll is dead? Long live rock n’ roll! Fascinating to see how 12 years old loved and sang along with their parents. The children are the future right? I’m so happy there are a lot around who hate this crap.
Patti Smith is my icon and herion. I wonder if she would have made it so far in this shallow decade. May the credit crunch save us from all the blahblah stuff like this. Yuk!

#2 Adriana on 06.01.09 at 8:34 am

Still watching Dutch 40th Pinkpop Festival edition. Pearl Jam won the most memorable moment of the festival over all those years. Such an intense Eddie Vedder. I’ve also vote for Pearl Jam. Unbelieveable breathtaking, real chilling to the bone music.

Shall all that fast fabricated music like Lady GaGa will be remembered like that? Or Katy Perry? She’s on tonight. I’m really curious.

(Pink = short for Pinksteren = Whitsun).

#3 Adriana on 06.01.09 at 2:11 pm

Oh thank God for The Killers! Brandon Flowers performed with Bruce: amazingly positive those two men…..different generations, same vibe….sorry, shall not bother you further. I’m afraid the my neighbours will sigh with relief after Snow Patrol!

Lady GaGa? Who?

#4 Svetlana on 06.02.09 at 1:20 pm

lady gaga hmm okay i like you songs but you dont looks good out. When you sing live then become I ear cancer you dont can sing .I come from germany and all guys love you and she say wow she is so pretty blabla.. what ever. Lady gaga I say only the photo fom you is nasty sorry but its true.
sorry guys when you dont understanding my

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