Lady GaGa In Parlour Magazine

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Slowly but painfully, Lady GaGa makes her way on the magazines covers. She’s just taking things the hard way: with a magazine almost no one (neither their dog) have heard about: Parlour Magazine.

Can you believe someone is actually styling Lady GaGa? The Parlour Magazine said that GaGa’s hair was styled by Laruen Hughes from Mousy Brown’s, Makeup by Ruth Bancroft and Nails by Kiko Nails. The cover’s stylist was Annaliza Toledo ( They all seem so human, I find it almost impossible to style a half-alien-breed like GaGa! (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures!)

Lady GaGa Parlour magazine cover

Bonus material:

“My personal life just doesn’t fulfill me the same way that it fulfills other people […] When I wake up in the morning for the rest of my life the first thing I think about will never be another person”

Lady GaGa is what? 5 years old? Wouldn’t you have rather read her say she wanted to be a doctor or nurse, something? Oh, I forget she’s just another one of those poor little rich girls, the Paris Hilton breed (after all, they both attended the same school) (via)

Lady Gaga Parlour magazine

Lady Gaga Parlour magazine photo


#1 Tuna on 07.08.09 at 7:28 am

God. I wouldnt rather hear her just say she would want to be a nurse. Thats not what makes her and our life exciting. Well, I agree. someone has to do it. And anyone has the right to love being a nurse or wanting to be one or whatever.
But you cant say thats shes like 5 years old, just because you probably havent heard her sing acousticly or heard an interview.
Lady Gaga is a fresh new artist who does what she wants without caring about what people are going to say about her.
We only have one life, and in that life I would rather be Lady gaga than a doctor.

#2 Mikhail on 09.09.09 at 7:59 pm

That was a very dickish, and even chauvinistic comment. Why should you have the right to say what someone should limit themselves to?

I agree with “Tuna”. She is fresh, and new as well as classic. She is bringing back what a rockstar and a popstar should be.

Don’t judge an artist based on their appearance, or even they’re style of genre. Allow yourself to listen to the words a bit, and see what he or she’s trying to get across.

Why shouldn’t we all live and treat ourselves as something important? Why not for once in our somewhat sad and dreary lives have “the Fame”. This is a philosophy of sorts, and I am sorry if you cannot see it.

#3 kpriss on 09.09.09 at 8:59 pm

Because if she didn’t had just herself to think about when waking up in the morning, she would have been more considered. But then again, like you said, artists are artists.

I just hope she’ll have enough rabbits in her hat, after all, I like dancing to (some of) her tunes.

#4 katrink on 10.23.09 at 12:04 pm

The reason no one has heard of this magazine is because it’s a local city one from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada..

I like her and I think the photography and styling were awesome.

#5 Tuna on 10.26.09 at 9:38 am

kpriss: with all due respect, i disagree with you.

Gaga may think about herself a lot, but thats what she has to do.
I mean, think about being an artist, touring all the time, making money, making music vids and new songs, it would be a bit of a struggle to do all of that, not being there for herself (if you get what i mean). she need to think about herself, and thats what makes her lady gaga.

Plus, she does magazine shoots, and outfit designing and interviews. shes got a lot on her plate.

#6 Adriana on 10.26.09 at 10:32 am

“Shes got a lot on her plate”. No, she chose to do so. I’m not in need to see every day, every day another styled Lady GaGa. It seems to me like that’s so important for a lot of artists today. “The look” and “be seen” in the newest additions of fashion before it’s available for “lesser mortals”. It bores the hell out of me and it changes the way of living fashion into a kind of mainstream style.

Lady GaGa is certainly not a bad artist and/or composer. I think I would find her far more interesting if her “look” didn’t distract me that much. When it comes to music the music comes always first to me. Rock is dead, well, at least in the charts it is, so long live Fashion Pop!? :(

#7 Tuna on 12.03.09 at 9:02 am

I know its her doing! :S
But its interesting, she is doing something different with her life, inspiring artists and style whether you like her or not.
I personally think her music is shite, compared to her masterpieces on the ‘live’ piano, and with her voice. Such a talented girl. Its sad to see her waste that on bad pop…

But honestly, if you saw her in a concert, singing poker face with no expression, just sitting on a stool infront of a mic, would you be interested? The ‘look’ is what attracts people the most…

I respect her for that.

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