Kate Hudson Vs Anne Hathaway, Bride Wars To Red Carpet

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Every now and then I enjoy a soft movie, a romantic comedy, a movie that I watch and safely breathe the no-pressure of normal, everyday bliss.

Nothing like ageing the other way (like The Curious Case…) or kidnapped kids (Changeling). Normal persons living perfectly normal (and happy lives). And every normal life comes (hopefully) to a very special celebration – the celebration of love. There’s nothing like that, no matter what you’re told, nothing can match truly loving and be loved. No career move, no material asset, no acclaimed designer or sparkling spotlight. I carried on living for a long time without wanting to hear about marriage. It didn’t mean anything to me and I surely didn’t see it coming. But it sure did! And it was the most natural thing in the world, the most wonderful, because I married the man I loved!

Bride Wars Kate Hudson Anne Hathaway

So every time I see a wedding, I’m kinda emotional and nostalgic but so happy in the same time! Because I imagine every bride and groom must be at least as in love as I and my adored Husband are.

Bride Wars is one of those wedding movies I can’t hardly wait because it reminds me of my wedding. Because I can cry silly tears while eating popcorn alongside my wonderful Husband and enjoy a simple plot about simple things! (more after the jump!)

I know, it was all about Bride Wars but I got so carried away… So it finally came out – Bride Wars, the movie. For the US Premiere, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson took their movie story to the Red Carpet with two matching outfits. Not the outfits of two brides, like in the movie (no, I won’t spoil the fun and tell you what the movie is all about!) but bride-and-groom-alike. Rachel Zoe styled both of them, so there was no stylist wars like some pretended, it was simply a game of bridal themed premiere, a simple and innocent having fun moment.

Anne Hathaway black tux Kate Hudson Oscar de la Renta dress Bride Wars premiere 2

While some cracked completely for Kate Hudson’s Oscar de la Renta geometrical printed bi colored dress, I felt more attracted by Anne’s silent outfit. Black tuxedo (a modified tux from Band of Outsiders), skinny black pants (oh, when they’ll really go away, those skinny pants, I’ll be safe!) and a pair of golden peep toe pumps from Louboutin (that I didn’t saw fit under no circumstance, but I’m not the styliste extraordinaire here). Do you think it was a Red Carpet disaster? Or a funny (staged) moment for the movie’s sake? (via wwd, photos via justjared)

Anne Hathaway black tux Kate Hudson Oscar de la Renta dress Bride Wars premiere 1


#1 Adriana on 01.07.09 at 10:41 am

Even not happily married [anymore] I’m still able to enjoy and sob at this kind of movies.
To me it looks more like a funny moment for the sake of the movie? Or great PR? Because their appearance has caught a lot of attention. And what’s more important to the movie industry? A red-carpet or a box-office disaster?

#2 Ellington on 01.07.09 at 3:00 pm

This movie looks like frothy fun! The two of them battling it out like deranged bridezillas! : )
I like the idea of them showing up like wedding cake toppers for a gay wedding. The both look nice in their outfits but Anne’s shoes are not what I would wear with that tux.

#3 joe larkowsky on 01.10.09 at 4:40 pm

kate loos A….MA…..ZING!!!

hate anne’s hair…….:(

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